Simplicity Rules

Hey guys! Want to know what our favorite reason to wake up in the morning is? It’s all the great ideas that you continue sending our way. It is, hands down, our number one driver to keep building Teletype into a more robust publishing platform, rich with good service and quality tools.

While we are inches away from a big step forward — we’ll share the news soon — let’s first talk about the latest set of updates.

  • Helvetica is now our default choice of typography. The volume of work associated with supporting both Sans and Serif at the same time (especially when it came to mobile layout), was painful and taking away too much our time — time we can spend developing new tools.
  • A brand new settings layout. It provides better flexibility to add new functionality and gives you a more focused way to navigate and control everything about your account.
  • The mobile version of Teletype has seen the biggest improvement of all. We have re-written most of the code and made the mobile version super responsive. Check out how your publications look and feel on mobile and tablet devices now!
  • Comments now look cleaner and lighter. All the related functionality is now hidden behind the ellipsis [...].
  • We have streamlined the way you can reach our support. You can now get in touch with us via Twitter, by email or through our Telegram channel (the latter being the quickest method).
October 5, 2018

Google Analytics for custom domains

You can now collect data about your visitors by connecting Google Analytics to your channel. All you need is your Tracking ID and Teletype will take care of the rest, by tracking and sending information to Google Analytics.

How to set up Google Analytics

  • First, read how to Find your tracking ID in Google Help.
  • Once you have it, open your Teletype Settings and paste the Tracking ID under the Domain tab.

Please note that Google Analytics feature is only available if you are using a custom domain for your channel. It is also the only analytics tool that we support at the moment.

August 9, 2018


Here at Teletype we are all about making your content visible. But sometimes, it is not enough to attract readership, you still need to be able to retain it. One of the bigger challenges for us has been figuring out a way how to not only lessen your pain in building your own audience but also how to effectively manage and communicate with it.

For this purpose we have most recently introduced two critical new features:

  • Channel subscriptions. Your fans are now able to subscribe to your channel, which helps them follow your content by receiving notifications when new posts are out.
  • A notification center that tracks all of the relevant to you updates: new subscriptions, new posts, comments and replies made, as well as other ones. With a notification center, you gain a streamlined communication tool with your audience.

Over the next few weeks we will listen to your feedback and closely study how these tools are used to see how they can be improved. In the meantime, we have a few other exciting features in the pipeline that we are starting to draft up.

July 18, 2018

Notification Center

Say hello to Notification Center — our biggest, baddest update in months. Since the day we released our commenting system, we received a large volume of requests to implement a way that would notify you of new replies made. Reasonable folks that we are, we could not ignore your wish.

The objective was to design a notification mechanist in such a way that it would be both easy and efficient to use across the whole site, regardless of the page you are on. We have also made several modifications to the design and structure of the service itself.

Here are the main changes and the flow of how Teletype functions starting today:

  • Click your profile avatar to launch the Notification Center.
  • Notification Center includes all of the relevant to you updates: comments to posts, replies made, Teletype news, etc. The list of notifications is going to evolve as we go along.
  • A red circle around your profile avatar will signify new, unread notifications.
  • The notification feed will be divided in two sections: unread notifications and everything else.
  • If you turn on your browser’s Push-notifications, you’ll be able to receive new notifications even if Teletype website isn’t loaded.
  • Mobile edition of Teletype has become more adaptive and comfortable to use. More exciting news to follow!
  • We believe nothing should disturb the reading experience, which is why the name, date and view count of a post has moved below on the page.
  • Themes have moved down on our priority list for the time being. We will share more details on how we see them being a part of the experience over the next few updates.

Teletype continues its rapid growth, and for that we wanted to thank our amazing community of writers and contributors. We want to assure you that even though we are unable to reply to each of your emails and suggestions, we read absolutely every single one of it! While this update has been challenging from both technical and design point of view, our top priority has always been keeping access to content as simple as possible.

Thank you for joining us on this ride!

June 27, 2018

HTTPS for Custom Domains

Hello! My name is Nikolay Ivanushkin (@nick-iv). I'm a lead developer in Teletype. Today we added one of the most important features — encrypted HTTPS protocol for all custom domains.

Why do you need HTTPS?

  1. Large groups of people, ranging from intruders and ending with the state, want to stole your data. HTTPS protects you from this.
  2. New Web standards (for example, HTTP 2.0) assume only encrypted data channels. In fact HTTPS is the mandatory standard of sites in 2018.

How do I enable it?

All you need to do is connect the domain. And for a very short time (1—2 minutes) your domain will be accessible via HTTPS protocol, for free and forever. Each browser informs about the security of the site with different ways, mostly a gray or green lock icons.

Do not worry about updating HTTPS certificates, they update automatically when the time comes.

January 17, 2018
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