July 18, 2018


Here at Teletype we are all about making your content visible. But sometimes, it is not enough to attract readership, you still need to be able to retain it. One of the bigger challenges for us has been figuring out a way how to not only lessen your pain in building your own audience but also how to effectively manage and communicate with it.

For this purpose we have most recently introduced two critical new features:

  • Channel subscriptions. Your fans are now able to subscribe to your channel, which helps them follow your content by receiving notifications when new posts are out.
  • A notification center that tracks all of the relevant to you updates: new subscriptions, new posts, comments and replies made, as well as other ones. With a notification center, you gain a streamlined communication tool with your audience.

Over the next few weeks we will listen to your feedback and closely study how these tools are used to see how they can be improved. In the meantime, we have a few other exciting features in the pipeline that we are starting to draft up.