September 7, 2020

Auto publishing, categories description, editor and new design

Hi everyone! 👋 It’s time for us to announce some recent updates in Teletype but before that we want to say a big thank you to our community for the feedback you give. Together we make Teletype better.

1. Auto publishing

Part of the settings interface

The new «Scheduled» status will allow you to set a day, month, year and the exact time for your posts. Auto publishing will come in useful to those authors who create a lot of content at a time as the new posts will be published automatically, at a scheduled time.

These posts are placed in a separate category on the home page of your blog and become available only for the its author.

2. Categories description

Category settings

Now you can add a description to every category and change the link. You just need to click on the pencil icon next to the category you want and make changes in the pop-up field.

Please mind that the link uniqueness is checked within your blog.

3. New editor toolbar


Instead of an inline toolbar which pops up above the selected word, we gave preference to the upper one.

First of all, this solution has simplified the work for those users with a mobile version of Teletype.

Also, it gives us freedom for further feature development. As we are planning to add new functions to the editor, the previous version is no longer suitable for that. At first sight itmight seem unusual but you will get used to it in a couple of days, don’t worry.

4. New design

Blog main page view

We are always trying to improve user experience in Teletype and our design is one of the things our users like most about it. We have updated the home page which has two parts now: the author part and the content feed. We don’t use big cards which took too much space and made the navigation complicated.

Now the search has become more noticeable and you can find it above the feed. We remind you that you can use the search for posts and tags and it has its own result link if you click on Enter ↩.

The text in the cards is always cut up to the first passage and the first image.

We want to remind you that if you use a mobile version, Teletype functions and looks perfectly good in a browser as well.

Mobile version of Teletype

5. Posts setup

It might seem that post setup has disappeared but that isn’t like that. Now you can find it if you click on the blue publication icon. First of all, it has made it easier to add changes: make a post, click on the publication, set the appearance and save. It is also linked to the technical structure of our service as one of our main goals is to keep Teletype simple and user friendly in a constant growth and function development.

Thank you for using Teletype. Hugs to everyone!