March 8, 2022

Teletype Bot for Telegram

Good day, all! Creators who use Telegram will love this one. We see that many of you use Teletype to create posts that you then share through your Telegram channels. After a careful study of all such use cases, we have created a Telegram bot that will help automate the management of your posts.

Here is what the bot can do

  1. Create posts. It supports text, images, links and widget conversion
  2. Delete posts.
  3. Automate post publishing from Teletype to your personal Telegram channel. If you tie the bot to your channel, after a post is published on Teletype it will ask for your permission to post it to your Telegram channel
  4. Authorize yourself to a Teletype account (you need to connect Telegram to your blog through settings)
  5. Control post settings: control privacy level, autopublication, tags and so on

How to turn on the bot

  1. Open the bot https://t.me/TeletypeAppBot
  2. Authorize yourself in Teletype through it
  3. That’s all! Now you can publish posts through the bot
  4. If you want to set up an autopublish functionality from Teletype:
    1. Add the bot to your channel as an admin
    2. Enter tbe bot and type /connect_channel
    3. Insert a link to your Telegram channel

Important to remember

  1. This is the official and only Teletype bot. Don’t trust any other bot that has a link other than the one mentioned above.
  2. Type in /help to learn everything it can do
  3. Tell us your comments and wishes in the comments below — we carefully note all of ‘em.

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