September 18, 2020


How else would a modern day human communicate that something he or she just witnessed was either 🤮 or 😍? Well, that’s exactly how. In fact, on certain days... 🤥 Fine, most days, these little devils is the only acceptable language in our office.

And because we couldn’t possibly hold the rest of our community hostage from such a pleasure any longer, today we bring them to Teletype.

Good thing we are a responsible bunch, so to prevent complete chaos, we made things with intelligence and productivity in mind.

Likes and Dislikes

We separated reactions in two categories: likes/dislikes and all the rest.

The first one, likes and dislikes, provides excellent direct feedback to the creator. The community is able to instantly communicate how much they enjoy your content.

For the creators, this presents an unique opportunity to get to know their audiences, gauge their interests and execute based on what they react to the most.

In the future, as Teletype grows into a strong community of creators, these simple measures can help us rank, feature and recommend top content across the network, so even more people discover you and your ideas.

The rest of ‘em

Because real expression is not limited to just thumbs ups or downs, the second category of smileys and emojis -- the rest of them -- are offered as well.

Besides being fun, it adds a layer of creative communication for your audience to engage with you and your content. Find the perfect emoji and see how many others support the reaction.

As usual, there are a few things to know:

  • A post cannot have more than 10 reactions
  • A reaction can be left by any registered user
  • You can turn off the feature for a specific post or the whole blog
  • Reactions can be searched by keywords
  • You will be notified on received reactions in your activity feed

Talking about going wild, take a guess what our next update is going to be by commenting below! Let’s see who gets it right.