February 10, 2021

All-New Comments

We are back with spanking new updates. This time, we overhauled the commenting system to make it more functional and more comfortable to use. We’ve taken your feedback to heart… and to our coders, and came up with a brand new experience to satisfy most-wanted requests. Here are the main changes:

  1. The comment tree structure now goes 4 levels deep.
  2. Conversation threads can be collapsed by clicking on the dashed lines to the left of comments.
  3. If a comment is a reply to another user’s comment, the name of the addressed person will be visible in the reply.
  4. You can now use images in your reply! You can add it by either dragging and dropping the image into the comment box, or by clicking the little landscape icon on the right side of the comment box.
  5. You can use a quotation function when replying to a comment to help preserve the context of a conversation.
  6. A little information widget will keep you in the loop on any new comments posted since your last visit. If clicked, it will take you to unread comments.

✍️ Stay insightful, stay polite and enjoy the conversation!