December 21, 2020

Your Feed

Big day, everyone! Today Teletype is graduating to a truly public platform. Our goal has always been to help your content get explored by as many people as possible. And so today we are opening up Teletype to being publicly discoverable throughout. We call it the Feed.

A few important things to know about your feed:

  1. Teletype now starts with a personalized feed
  2. The feed includes content from blogs you are subscribed to
  3. Currently the feed is displaying posts in a simple new to old order
  4. “Trending posts” and “Recommended blogs” widgets help discover new interesting content
  5. Reading posts on both desktop and mobile could not be more convenient. Instead of taking you to that blog’s page, a story opens in card view
  6. Search by blog, posts and hashtags, with the new universal Teletype search
  7. If you keep more than one blog, the links to blogs are now under the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. Notifications are under the bell icon.


We’ve worked hard to make sure we retained the minimalist nature of Teletype, while at the same time added brand new experiences and brought your content into a wider public spotlight. Our team of Elves is jolly we were able to get this little gift released in time for holidays, and is already back at Santa’s shop working on new ones.

As always, your comments are instrumental in keeping the right development focus and making sure we bring you the most wanted features and tools, so keep throwing them at us.