November 15, 2017

Teletype Features

Hello. đź‘‹

We dreamt of creating the simplest, easiest, most aesthetically pleasing platform for making blogs. A platform that would inspire people to share their thoughts in the form of texts, one that would look so beautiful you would immediately want to read the articles, regardless of how they’re written.

1. Swiftness of Operation

Teletype loads pages a lot faster and works with more stability than its analogs, thus saving the most important resource in the modern days - time. Everything loads at a blink of an eye. Currently this is one of the fastest blogging systems on the market.

2. Easy Customization

Teletype users can slightly personalize the look of their blogs using “Main color” tab in the settings. Right now there are 6 color patterns that change the color of the buttons and hyperlinks into the desired shade.

3. One Author — Several Blogs

Teletype lets you have not one, but several blogs under different nicknames, dividing them, for instance, by topic, and visually personalizing each one as you wish. That way you can have an 5 number of journals all in one site.

4. One Blog — Several Authors

We created the option of adding users that will be able to write in your journal. This lets you have a media platform or a corporate blog, where several authors can make their contributions. If you do not wish other people to see what name a certain post appears under, simply make that choice in the settings.

5. Drafts

If you haven’t finished a post, save a draft of it. In the Drafts section there will be stored all the unpublished texts that you may, by the way, share with others simply by sending them a respective link. This can come in handy if you would like to submit the draft for someone to edit it, or even for discussing the content of the post with somebody.

6. All Content in One Feed

The main page on the profile is the feed of all your posts one by one. Scrolling through it using one finger, you’ll be able to read all the articles from beginning to end, without having to move to a separate page. An author may change the settings to viewing the posts from the whole text to cuts or previews.

7. Flexible Sharing

We give you complete freedom for setting your sharing preferences as you desire. You’ve got three options. By default, sharing will use the first image in your article. If your post doesn’t have any, Teletype will create a text version with the name of the blog, the name of the post and your profile picture. The third option is where you can upload an image specifically for sharing.

8. A User-friendly Mobile Version

Teletype supports mobile layout, so that all articles look great everywhere, including on the screens of any smartphones or tablets. By the way, you can also edit and customize your texts from all mobile devices, in case you have to quickly correct a typo or add something to the article.

9. Categories

Teletype lets you create your own topics and categories that you can assign to your articles. So, in addition to the main feed, your texts will be divided into sections for your and your readers’ convenience. The maximum number of categories is five.

10. Your Blog is Your Domain

Teletype lets you have your own domain and bind it to the blog, hence preserving the continuity of the name of your company or a project in the following form: And it's absolutely free. The instruction for binding the domain are attached.

11. Fonts

Depending on your preferences you can choose between two fundamentally different fonts: elegant and conservative Minion Pro or minimalistic and geometric Proxima Nova.

In the future we’re planning to allow users to subscribe to a person, which would let authors create their own community. We will make a platform that’s efficient and pleasant to use for writing and reading materials, one that will help you find your audience and interesting authors. There are several major innovations ahead that we will be releasing in the coming months.

Write and read with Teletype.