July 2

Link your domain to Teletype

Teletype allows you to link domains to your blogs. If you don't have a domain, don't worry. You can purchase one through services like GoDaddy.

To enable Teletype to use your domain, you first need to add DNS records that will point to your blog on Teletype. You can link both subdomains like and second-level domains like

Step 1: DNS Record Configuration

  1. Locate the DNS settings in your domain's administrative panel.
  2. Create DNS records for the domain name you want to link to your Teletype blog.
  • For subdomains like
    Type: CNAME Host: blog Point to (Value):
  • For second-level domains like
    Type: A
    Host: @
    Point to (Value):

Important Checks:

  • Ensure there are no other A records on the domain (or subdomain) you want to link.
  • Disable traffic proxying in CloudFlare.
  • Do not use both A and CNAME records simultaneously.
  • Avoid using AAAA records.

After Adding the Records

If you just purchased the domain, you need to wait for the settings to take effect (12 to 72 hours). For older domains, the wait time is usually between 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Not all domain registrars provide DNS hosting services, or it may be a separate service. In such cases, contact the support team of the company where you purchased the domain.

Step 2: Linking the Domain

  1. Open Teletype settings.
  2. Select the blog you want to link the domain to.
  3. Go to the "Domain & Analytics" section.
  4. Enter the domain and click "Connect."

If everything is set up correctly, your blog will immediately be available at the linked domain. You will be able to connect Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika. Within about a minute, an SSL certificate will be attached to the domain, making it accessible via HTTPS.

Good to Know

  • Do not attempt Step 2 before completing Step 1. It's not logical and will make you wait longer.
  • We will unlink the domain within 24 hours if you do not renew its usage or change the DNS records.