October 5, 2018

Simplicity Rules

Hey guys! Want to know what our favorite reason to wake up in the morning is? It’s all the great ideas that you continue sending our way. It is, hands down, our number one driver to keep building Teletype into a more robust publishing platform, rich with good service and quality tools.

While we are inches away from a big step forward — we’ll share the news soon — let’s first talk about the latest set of updates.

  • Helvetica is now our default choice of typography. The volume of work associated with supporting both Sans and Serif at the same time (especially when it came to mobile layout), was painful and taking away too much our time — time we can spend developing new tools.
  • A brand new settings layout. It provides better flexibility to add new functionality and gives you a more focused way to navigate and control everything about your account.
  • The mobile version of Teletype has seen the biggest improvement of all. We have re-written most of the code and made the mobile version super responsive. Check out how your publications look and feel on mobile and tablet devices now!
  • Comments now look cleaner and lighter. All the related functionality is now hidden behind the ellipsis [...].
  • We have streamlined the way you can reach our support. You can now get in touch with us via Twitter, by email or through our Telegram channel (the latter being the quickest method).